The Speaker Persona

We are all speakers to our influential world. Each of verbalize our successes and failures, our likes and dislikes, and even attempt to persuade our friends and neighbors about things we care very passionately. The following is a representation of how to prepare as a business person or a speaker that means to project their message with the intent to receive continued influence on an audience. I use this tool to encourage my coaching clients.

The Speaker Persona

Develop this from your “soul” and your “passion” about your message and your audience’s perceived memorable moments about your influential words on stage. Envision this visual!

Define your message from the impact you want to achieve;

Describe its components and value, Discuss its importance; Identify with your audience about why they are there looking up at the stage and are mesmerized by your speaking.

Be human with them: feel their pain, and change their life by sharing yours with them.

Go into their world: influence them by giving every person something from you they can’t get anywhere else.

Be certain to tell them: you will have more to share with them while they are reading your book, listening to your recorded seminars, and discovering their own potential when engaged with your online workshop.

Persona Defined

Brand – the designation of ownership; a symbol of actions; recognition mark for achievement.

Message – a lyrical muse; words of meaning that exalts; platform for actionable results.

Uniqueness – sole difference; oneness envisioning; innate accoutrements of talent.

Promotion – advance in favor; build reason for attraction; action with expectation of reward.

Visual illustration – an image completing a thought; position of understanding in symbolic form; perception.


Potential thinking is a habitual understanding that nothing is static and the winds of change force directions at each one of us frequently; our responses are what make the difference in our destination discovery.      ~ Dr. Gene D. Munson

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