Tips to Get Business with Corporations

Many people do not realize that Corporations subcontract with a multitude of small to medium sized service and product businesses.

These products and services are as diverse as paper to manufactured metal frames to shipping and computer systems. At some time you may have read a magazine article talking about B2B or B2C marketing. Well, these are key discussions about specific targeting of consumers: Business to Business and Business to Consumers. The business to consumers marketing is generally direct sales to users of the product through retail sales type businesses. Business to business marketing is generally wholesale businesses selling in bulk at a reduced cost to other businesses for resale purposes or replenishing perishable goods and services.

In order to get contracted with corporations, the first place to begin is to research who they are, find out what it is they do or make, who are the customers they serve, and in what method of business your company may fit within their business model process.

To do this you will need to know your own business. Draw out your business model by identifying the product or service you produce, identifying the customers you serve, and then, compare your potential corporate customer business model with your to better understand how you may fit between your businesses.

For example, my business does training and coaching for skills training in leadership and communications. My business model illustrates my process for training new leaders of employees, current managers that want increase their abilities to lead; potentially moving into leader positions, and employees on how to increase their productivity through becoming excellent employees and supportive followers. This is where leaders usually begin. If Customer A is having difficulty with workforce issues, generally this is caused by these major problems: poor leadership, lack of communications, or lack of training. This company would be a potential customer for me to contract with to avoid a future meltdown.

The same scenario example could be made for a product that could be supplied at a reduced cost than for the corporation to produce in-house. Outsourcing always produces new opportunities because it changes the current routine or status quo.

So where do you find this type of information? Websites, industry Internet forums, industry journals and magazines, industry and customer newsletters, and international resources on the Internet are good places to begin. The most obvious is to call, connect with them, and ask. Resource information may also be found within your local library in their free databases; oh, and there are companies who compile certain categorical data that will charge you for use of their compiled data—very expensive.

Once you have decided that you have clearly identified your business and you have identified your specific niche of business product and/or service and the types of corporations you have the means to serve, then make a list of your offerings, contact them, email them, direct mail your advertisement materials in a well-designed package that clearly illustrates your “fit” for their operation and continue to communicate often and well about your innovative ideas and plans concerning business opportunities that you can pursue together.

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