National Leadership

1. It would be a wonderful history lesson to identify each American university’s contribution to our Nation’s growth over the past 200 years; not just focusing on prominent people, but technology, health, production, etc. 2. Leaders produce good follower destinations and show them the way; followers continue to develop methods and processes to make the journey beneficial for all. 3. The greater good means protecting our way of life from harm, internal and external. 4. A great nation belongs to those who have contributed to its development, not those who infringe and steal its knowledge and wealth. 5. True wealth is not measured in monetary terms, but in the determination and breadth of knowledge, skills, and ability put forth from those who are willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice for its future. Leaders lead from the front, not through hidden meetings and backroom deals. The leader doesn’t select a team made up of “yes” men/women who agree on his desires. Collaboration and innovation arrive through the wisdom and tenacity of those who serve their constituents and have mercy on their enemies after the battle is won. The tenants of this great nation are written in the blood of those brave men and women who left their ways of life and to preserve them for future generations. Our global interests certainly impact the future; we must certainly determine that our course of actions and judgments ensure the present foundation is firm for generations to come. God Bless the United States of America and its leaders, present and future!