Credibility: Its components

Credibility: Its components

The components of credibility should have 3 things: Competence, Consistency, Compassion; without them leaders are challenged in many ways. Work hard, Play hard speaks to the consistency part of leadership. Inspiration through leading by example is the illustration of core Competency of leadership. Without it no one would follow. I believe trust is the ingredient that preserves a person’s opportunity to return to life what has been given to them. Without it there can be no credibility because it is unworthy to be received as truth.

Credibility is attributed by the followers and peers of the leader. It is earned through actions taken over time and through situations observed. The leader’s attributes of building relationships and influencing others within a company are part of a much longer list, however, this is definitely the right place to start thinking about becoming a leader is to gauge their level of credibility at present in their career.

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