World Class Naturally

We do “purposeful” things that are our natural tendencies. They are innately available to be applied to whatever tasks or jobs we accept.

Our strengths are linked directly to these natural tendencies, therefore the application of them to our work makes most of what we do our “low hanging fruit” because our innate skills become our work strengths.

Natural Tendencies  Low Hanging Fruit  Work Strengths

Taking advantage of our ordinary strengths and increasing their performance level to an extraordinary excellence level develops a unique set of World Class strengths.

The questions to ask yourself to produce the answers that define your natural tendencies, strengths, and opportunities for producing World Class results are:
 What do I do well?
 What have I done that has created my most successful results?
 How does increasing these strengths contribute to my goals?
 How can I build on my strengths?
 How can I take what I have been successful at and increase its ability to the level of World Class?

Take an inventory of strengths and examine each one.

List your successful results and identify what common actions occurred.

Identify the strengths you need to have to achieve your goals.

Redefine your strengths as if they were all ready World Class, what is different?

How do they redefine you to your employer, clients, etc.?

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