What does NEW look and feel like?

What would a CREATION SPECIALIST look like? Normal, but with a blank page in front of him/her and a clear focus on what to write: Looks like ME. I have been creating systems, processes, programs, progressive actions, and many other un-developed products as required or expected as a part of larger projects. Think of my process as a combination of listening, questioning, un-assembling and assembling known and unknown into something useful. Due to the feeling that originates from the use of the word “creation” I have chosen to use the terminology to describe this unique talent as a “blank page developer” which in essence means my task is to take a blank page and develop “something from nothing.”

Something can be any of those elements I described above or it could be a modified known into a “new” unknown. Not that type of action or process that tweaks a current system outcome, but a different approach to finding a solution or creating an unconventional methodology that increases the opportunity for implementing an unused resource, projecting expectations beyond a known outcome. Another potential benefit is to examine the current status quo and compare changes’ impacts and outcomes that satisfy a number of scenarios.

Possibilities as many have described it in the past as endless applications of thought—agreed; however this is just a limiting belief that purports having a thought provides something useful and makes a difference to the status quo—randomly true, much like gambling—without expectation. I have my focus set on an event or circumstance that requires an infusion of change, a prescription for a useful difference, and an expectation of opportunity.

I was shocked to happen across a study that indicated only 4 percent of the population actually were innately capable of this type of mental function. They are found throughout our society usually in and around creations activities such as construction, industry development activities, and many non-technological project areas. I have a history of doing this within my previous career activities without recognizing its specialness and importance to my successful careers. Sometimes on-demand and sometimes a necessary quiet, thoughtful focus on the approach.

It is my feeling that this “BLANK PAGE DEVELOPER” is different because of my experiences, education, and uniqueness.